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Vol. 9, No. 1 (2021)


Articles in pdf format are available

1. Paweł Czyryca, Jacek Tylkowski, Marcin Winowski, Marcin Hojan
Individual natural environment features and landscape and tourist values of the Cephalantero rubrae-Fagetum habitat on Wolin Island - pdf

2. Bartłomiej Walas, Marek Łabaj, Bartłomiej Mróz, Magdalena Košek
Management of the National Parks in the context of cooperation with the local stakeholders - pdf

3. Agnieszka Godlewska, Grażyna Anna Ciepiela, Andrzej Soroka
Weight of diagnostic characteristics in the assess ment of tourism potential of rural areas according to Siedlce inhabitants - pdf

4. Izabela Kapera, Artur Kapera
Illegal wildlife products as tourist souvenirs – an outline of the problem from the perspective of Poland - pdf

5. Jolanta Barbara Cichowska, Aleksandra Mreła
Recreational use of an artificial water reservoir in case of the Piechcin Diving Base - pdf

Paweł Druet, Paweł Wi¶niewski
Foehn wind as a factor affecting the air quality in the town of Zakopane - pdf

7. Marek Nocoń, Krzysztof Sondel, Bartłomiej Mróz, Lucyna Jurzak
Occupancy of tourist accommodation establishments in Poland – comparison of 2019, the period of COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent months of 2020 - pdf

8. Patryk Masłowski, Tomasz Karasiewicz
Esports as a new trend in the tourism industry - pdf



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